Juuuicy Juicery with an Art, Dance, Wellness Studio

Juuuicy Juicery with an Art, Dance, Wellness Studio

Ok so many people are asking why a juice bar and why art, dance and wellness with a gift market out of all things?

And why 3 huge buildings? I think a lot of people are concerned that we have too much space and this Northwood Village situation is quite slow compared to City Place or Clematis. And my answer is always the same, first let me give you the breakdown:

I first felt in love with 538 Northwood Rd. I came to see it when knew immediately it was meant to be part of my life…the juice bar because I have arthritis and i’ve been juicing for a while so I want to help others feel healthy thru better food choices…I am not doing it to look good but to feel good inside so architectural drawings got started right after the building purchase and months later we are finally in the construction stage…hopefully 3-4 months before opening! Originally we were going to do everything we are doing with Discover Vedas at 538 Northwood but then 540 and 544 Northwood Rd became a possibility and again I just knew it would be perfect to incorporate those buildings with the 4000 sq. ft of patio for a really cool space for everyone in our community and tourist to come and join life with us! That’s the answer really. My first thought was how could i make it happen and then can I see myself doing this for years….thats it!

Juuuicy is the main company and Discover Vedas just happened to be opened before since the juice bar is still under construction.

Come check out what we have so far, you may like it 😉

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