Discover Vedas Juuuicy’s Gift Market Perseveres

Discover Vedas Juuuicy’s Gift Market Perseveres

So we all know that opening any business is extremely hard. I’ve been an entrepreneur now over 8 years and counting and this is not the first business I’ve opened but my faith and positivity has been challenged by forces of the Universe for sure!!!

Really quick overview:

  • Friday, April 27th 2018 – Roof work starts after going thru city permit approvals and trying hard (very hard) to maintain the back patio structure of the building — almost a month in process before we finally started the work and re-roofing the building – patience by the way is not my weakness 😉
  • Friday, April 27th 2018 – Storm interrupts the re-roofing and we nearly had a stroke when we saw all the water coming in different areas of the building. Long story short, we are still alive but with major migraines! At one point we had over 20 people working in the building this last weekend including overnight to get the building back to good conditions.
  • Fridays and weekend classes cancelled – lots of customers who showed up for events/classes and it was heartbreaking to see people worried for us…it warmed my heart but also worried me because it was obvious I almost lost my faith this last weekend! LOL seriously though it has been a tough very very very very very tough weekend!
  • I love quotes and you can see that in the building because i have quotes in several areas –my family saw how worried i was and they kept repeating quotes to bring me back to my normal self 😉 I needed it though!

I wanted to share this with all because I am grateful to have the support of all the community, to see people and entire families coming to the community room to enjoy the different classes…we even have people who just want to come and hangout with us which means a lot to my family and me especially….my dream is to see our buildings full of people laughing, smiling, reading, moving, having fun, exercising, relaxing, to feel alive when they join us in our buildings / businesses so to see that in a short time we have already are attracting people who feel happy and worried for us means that we are truly connecting with you and the community and I LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT AND I AM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL.

Ps. I don’t check my blogs for grammar or sentence composition – i want it to be real what i feel in the moment so excuse me for any typos, grammar etc…In my opinion life is too short for that 😉

Check the photos –or come by to see the progress!

538 Northwood Rd. West Palm Beach, Fl 33407 – Juuuicy (Juice Bar still under construction)
540 Northwood Rd. West Palm Beach, Fl 33407 – Discover Vedas
544 Northwood Rd. West Palm Beach, Fl 33407 – Juuuicy & Discover Veda’s Family Room and Community Room

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