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Juuuicy is the main parent company with a juice bar under construction at 538 Northwood Rd. West Palm Beach, Fl 33407 – eventually 538 will connect to 540 and 544 Northwood …our juice bar will offer raw organic juices, smoothies, ice cream, salads, wine, beer and other healthy options to our community.

Discover Vedas is an art, dance, and wellness studio with a gift market, launched by Dominican-American family and new to West Palm Beach residents Rosa Tejeda, Victoria and Nisaury Amador, offering art, dance and wellness classes every single day of the week. Our gift market offers handcrafted products for women, men, children and home décor. Our spacious community room with 1500 square feet includes fun games for kids and adults. The iDance and Virtual Reality games helps to make Discover Vedas a real treat to have fun while exercising. These extra services definitely make Discover Vedas the hangout spot for kids, adults and the entire family making it a truly enjoyable shopping experience.

The Amador family, passionate about exploring various cultures, founded the company in hopes of showcasing the hidden arts of different countries while providing a healthy comfy space to get inspired, move, have fun, relax and make new friends.

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